Spooktacular Halloween Plays

Count Catula

Cast: 3 Male, 7 Female, 8 Flexible. 12-18 Total
Performance Time: 25 minutes

COMEDY.  One dark and stormy night, the Meyer’s family receive an unexpected visit, from their new, “necks” door neighbor, the Graves family.  Vlad and Vienessa, along with their three kids Deadsmond, Batatrice, and Biteney just moved into the creepy old house on the top of the hill, next to the cemetery.  The Grave’s family are trying to find a cat sitter to watch their beloved feline, Count Catula, while the go on a family vacation to Transylvania.  Bailey’s parents agree to watch Count Catula, but it becomes increasingly evident to Bailey that Count Catula is no ordinary cat.  Horror and hilarity ensue!  A delightful and frightful one-act sure to please the living and undead alike!

Available through  Big Dog Plays!

Delight in a Fright Night

Cast: 4 M, 12 F, 5 flexible (With doubling: 2 M, 8 F, 2 flexible)
Performance Time: 45 minutes

449COMEDY COLLECTION. This collection of easy-to-stage short plays is perfect for Halloween and for audiences of all ages. In “To Bite or Not to Bite,” two old-school vampires from Transylvania realize they can’t compete with younger, hipper vampires when it comes to luring hapless victims. In “Franken Date,” a science geek creates her perfect prom date. In “The Phantom of the Gymnasium,” a ghost earns a spot on the cheerleading squad. In “Night of the Living Lunch Ladies,” a student suspects the lunch ladies may be zombies. And in “My Cat Ate My Homework,” a teenage witch has to deal with a cat that won’t stop eating her chemistry homework.

Available through Big Dog Plays.

Read a free preview here.

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