Comedies Set at School

Little Red Riding Hood Cowgirl Astronaut

Cast: 2 M, 5 F, 3 flexible
Performance Time: Approximately 20-30 mins

FARCE. In this school production of “Little Red Riding Hood” the costume designer has
taken some creative liberties with the costumes. Little Red Riding Hood has been little red 2transformed into a cowgirl astronaut, the Big Bad Wolf looks like a Wall Street trader, Little Red CoverGranny is a superhero, Little Red’s mother is a witch, and the huntsman is now the “huntsfairy,” complete with a tiara, tutu, and fairy wings. No matter how hard they try, the cast and director just can’t bring themselves to tell the overly enthusiastic costume designer that her costumes are horrible. With the performance quickly approaching, they have to come up with a solution or resign themselves to performing the wackiest play in the school’s history, “Little Red Riding Hood Cowgirl Astronaut”! Easy to stage.

Available through Big Dog Plays

Read a free preview here.


Cast: 5 female, 4-15 Flexible + 1-10  possible extras
Performance Time: 30 minutes

COMEDY.  Evergreen Academy’s prom is in a complete state of “prom-demonium!”  August, the astronomy nerd who is in charge of the decorations for the “Dancing Under the Stars,” prom theme, thinks the prom decor should include black holes, asteroids, and meteors.  Greer, who is in charge of entertainment, keeps coming up with unusual performance acts, like the thespian club performing Shakespeare monologues.  Top athletes Zane and Rory who were put in charge of the catering might have made everything a little too healthy, wanting to serve sports drinks instead of fruit punch and protein bars instead of cookies.  Will the prom planning committee be able to pull it together to save prom?  Or will it be a PROM-POCALYPSE! 

Available through Brooklyn Publishers!

Till Emojis Do Us Part

Cast: 1 M, 1 F, 11 flexible
Performance Time: Approximately 20-30 minutes

COMEDY. Two tweens, Piper and Liam, rarely take breaks from texting each other long Till emoji 2enough to eat, sleep, or hang out with their friends. Their entire Til Emojis Do us Partrelationship consists of texting emojis to each other because they are too shy to speak and instead just silently pass each other in the hallway. Piper’s friends are beginning to suspect she may actually be a human phone cyborg, while Liam’s friends are beginning to think that the only relationship he’ll ever have is with his phone. Worried, Piper and Liam’s friends concoct a scheme to force the two to meet face to face and finally speak to each other with words. Easy to stage with minimal set pieces and props.

Available through Big Dog Plays.

Read a free preview here.

The Cheerfully Geeky, Dramatically Bullish, Talentless Talent Show

Cast: 4 F, 13 flexible
Performance Time: Approximately 30 minutes, 25 pages

COMEDY. To raise enough money to paint the kiwi-green gymnasium another409 color, students have organized a school talent show. The contestants include drama kids acting out the death scenes from every Shakespeare play, a math club member playing chess against himself, cheerleaders performing a soliloquy from Hamlet as a group cheer, and a talentless student who tries to play the flute, ballet dance, perform rope tricks with a lasso, and disco dance. In the end, this may prove to be the world’s first talentless talent show!

Available through Big Dog Plays.

Read a free preview here.

Is This Seat Taken?

Cast: 1 F, 9 flexible (Doubling possible.)
Performance Time: Approximately 30 minutess, 46 pgs.

MONOLOGUE COLLECTION. All seats will be taken for this side-splitting monologue is this seat taken?collection featuring a marvelous myriad of socially awkward characters and situations. There’s the new kid who has a tendency to talk too much, a teen who thinks her messy bedroom is actually an efficient organizational system, a bookish student who wants the theme for the spring dance to be “Dancing Under the Amoebas,” an insecure girl who can’t figure out what to wear to a sleepover, and an art student who turns in a blank piece of paper as her self-portrait. Wildly funny and easy to perform, all ten monologues can be performed on a bare stage with minimal props.

Available through Big Dog Plays.

Read a free preview here.

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