A Little Drama

I am really excited to share “A Little Drama: Playful Activities for Young Children,” published with Redleaf Press, scheduled to be released early July. I hope that this educational resource book will bring more theatre into early childhood spaces and be an easy-to-use resource for busy educators and caregivers.

Break a Leg!

Break a leg Peekskill Middle School, during your upcoming performances of Drama Should Stay on the Stage, as part of the Peekskill Middle School New Play Festival! And good luck to Social Circle Theatre, in thier upcoming performances of Little Red Riding Hood Cowgirl Astronaut.

Surel’s Place

I will be spending the month of February in Garden City, ID as a writer-in-residence at Surel’s Place.

I will be teaching a workshop titled, Tackling the Ten-Minute Play.

Ten-minute play festivals, produced by many theatre companies, provide an opportunity for playwrights in all stages of their career to share their work with an audience and create community with other theatre artists. In Tackling the Ten-Minute Play we will explore the various components of a strong ten-minute play including: play structure, creating conflict, crafting characters, and developing dialogue. This workshop will also explore tips for editing and refining your final manuscript and navigating the submission process when you are ready to submit your work.

A reading of my dark comedy, The Black Triangle will take place on Feb 22nd at the Visual Arts Collective in a collaboration between Surel’s Place and Alley Repertory Theater’s series “The Age of Women.” Doors open at 7:30pm and the reading will begin at 8pm. This reading is free and open to the public (21-and-over only).

Till Emojis Do Us Part

Check out my one-act comedy for teens, “Till Emojis Do Us Part.”
COMEDY. Two tweens, Piper and Liam, rarely take breaks from texting each other long enough to eat, sleep, or hang out with their friends. Their entire relationship consists of texting emojis to each other because they are too shy to speak and instead just silently pass each other in the hallway. Piper’s friends are beginning to suspect she may actually be a human phone cyborg, while Liam’s friends are beginning to think that the only relationship he’ll ever have is with his phone. Worried, Piper and Liam’s friends concoct a scheme to force the two to meet face to face and finally speak to each other with words. Easy to stage with minimal set pieces and props.

Available through Big Dog Plays!


Ogre Etiquette

Check out my one act comedy, “Ogre Etiquette,” available with Big Dog Plays.

FARCE. Fairy Godmother is at wit’s end with her class of unruly, misbehaved princes and princesses and all their fighting, dueling, and combative behavior. To teach her students that their behavior is most un-charming, the Fairy Godmother tells them the story of Princess Pearlette and Olga “the ornery” ogre. When Princess Pearlette meets Olga, she invites her to a tea party. At first, Olga thinks Princess Pearlette would make a good teatime treat, but instead the two become friends. Princess Pearlette teaches Olga to refrain from commenting on how plump and delicious someone looks, to smile without bearing her teeth, to greet others without growling, and to ballroom dance. In return, Olga shows Princess Pearlette how to do the ogre dance, which involves scratching oneself all over, rolling in the dirt, and fiercely staring at others while circling them. Princess Pearlette convinces her brother Prince Charming that it’s better to dance with ogres than fight them, and Olga shows the other ogres that it’s more fun to attend palace balls, dance, and eat crumpets with the royals instead of dining on them.