Holiday Plays

Dancing with the Clauses

  • One-act
  • Cast:  14-33 Total;  3 Male, 5 Female, 25 Male/Female
  • Performance Time: 35-40


“Can’t an elf have a break from crafting cuddly creations? I am ready to bust a move!” – Holly

SPOOF.  Whirl and twirl your way into the holiday season with Dancing with the Clauses, 592the reality show where the occupants of the North Pole pivot turn and pirouette their way into the spot of  top dancing team at Santa’s Workshop. Hosted by the cheerful elves Merry and Joy, and judged by musical elves Jingle and Bell, be prepared for some festive, fun, and funny dance numbers.  Santa and Mrs Clauses start off the show by square dancing to the song Jolly Old Saint Nicholas.  Their act is followed by the ballet dancing Sugar Plum Fairies from the Land of Sweets.  But these sugary ballet dancers are chased offstage by the Rat King and his minions before security, the Nutcracker and his army of toy soldiers, can leap in to save the day.  Elves Holly and Jolly from the stuffed animal department bust out their disco moves with two giant teddy bears to the song Deck the
.  Clove, Nutmeg, and Ginger from the candy and confectionery department perform a holiday cheer routine to Up on the Housetop.  Even Old Man Winter and the Snow Queen show up to perform with their magical dancing snowmen, Flurry, Frostina, and Snowflake.  The grand finale is Santa’s reindeer performing a high energy dance number to Jingle Bells.   A festive and fun play to celebrate the holiday season!

Available through Big Dog Plays!

The Great North Pole Bake Off

  • One-act
  • Cast: 12-23  total. 3  Female, 1 Male, 19 Flexible + possible extras
  • Performance Time: 30 minutes

SPOOF.  It’s “The Great North Pole Bake Off,” the reality show where inhabitants at the North Pole compete to create festive and fun holiday bakes!  Hosted by comedic and festive elves Merry Yuletide and Noel Joyeux, and judged by that merry old soul, Santa Claus and the frigid monarch, the Snow Queen, this week’s challenge is cookies inspired by Christmas carols.  But grumpy workaholic elf Coal, wants everyone to get back to work and not waste time with such trivialities as holiday baking.  Will the other inhabitants of the North Pole be able to teach Coal the reason for the season?   “The Great North Pole Bake Off” is a delicious and musical way to celebrate the holiday season.  

Available to Eldridge Publishing!

Have Yours-elf an Inventive Little Christmas

  • One-Act
  • Cast: 2 M, 6 F, 16 flexible (With doubling: 2 M, 6 F, 14 flexible)
  • Performance Time:  50 minutes

 “Is this what we are handing out to naughty kids these days?” ―Joy

COMEDY.  Tinsel is an imaginative elf who spends all of her time creating “helpful” 606inventions for Santa’s workshop. But there’s just one problem: Tinsel’s inventions tend to malfunction at the worst times. The Stocking-o-matic makes misshapen Christmas stockings. The Candy Cane-o-matic shoots candy canes at the elves. The Teddy Bear Generator assembles hideous teddy bears. The Gift Wrapping-o-matic wraps up the elves in paper, bows, and ribbons. The Straw Distributor shoots straw at the reindeer. And Santa’s anti-gravity boots, designed to keep him from falling off of roofs, are so heavy christmas-holly-clipart-Christmas_tree_decorations_largehe can’t walk in them! Tired of Tinsel’s menacing machines, the
head elf orders that Tinsel’s inventions be shut down, unplugged, and recycled. But when Jack Frost and the Snow Queen create the snowstorm of the century, it’s up to Tinsel to save Christmas with her creative inventions. Perfect for all ages. Easy to stage.

Available through Big Dog Plays!

North Pole’s Got Talent

  • One-act
  • Cast: (15-27 Total,  2 Male,  8 Female,  17 Male/Female)
  • Performance Time:  30 minutes

clipart-christmas-wreath-vintage-christmas-clipart-graphicsfairy001cCOMEDY.  Ho ho ho! Here’s the perfect opportunity to get a whole class of young actors onstage for the holiday season! It’s just days before Christmas at Santa’s Workshop, and there’s still lots of work to be done — like getting the elves and reindeer in the proper holiday spirit with song, dance, and big belly laughs! Elf hosts Holly Daze and Mistletoe Merryman welcome judges Mrs. Claus, the pun-loving Ruby the Red-Lipped Reindeer, and Old St. Nick himself to judge the talent show in this reality TV spoof. Contestants Jack Frost and Snow Queen get a chilly reception at first, but even they can’t take the warmth and good spirit out of this friendly competition!

North Pole’s Got Talent! features a large, flexible cast with plenty of room for extra elves and additional talent acts. All get a chance to show off in this fast-paced, laugh-a-minute one-act where nobody has more than 25 lines, but everybody’s got some special Christmas talent to share!

Available through Pioneer Drama!


Production photos of North Pole’s Got Talent, New Germany Rural High School, directed by Jeff Rhodenizer in Nova Scotia, Canada

Reindeer Revolt at Santa’s Workshop

  • One-Act
  • Cast:  18  Total,  2 Male, 4 Female,  12 Male/Female
  • Performance Time:  1 hour

“It’s Christmas Eve and the reindeer have revolted!”  – Santa

COMEDY.  Everyone is hard at work at Santa’s workshop, but especially the reindeer.  590Blixen, Santa’s oldest and wisest reindeer, is working tirelessly to keep Santa’s team of flying ungulates in tip top shape.  Everything is going smoothly, until Gabby the reindeer shows up. Full of compliments, she manages to charm off the hooves of all the reindeer and even earn the trust of Santa Claus.  Gabby manages to convince Santa and the other reindeer that Blixen is too “square,” to be in charge. Blixen is asked to retire, giving Gabby the position of head reindeer. But on Christmas Eve when Jack Frost and the Snow Queen create the snowstorm of the century,
Gabby manages to turn the reindeer against Santa.  Can Santa convince Blixen to come back and help him? Or will Gabby and her scheming put an end to Santa’s yearly sleigh ride and leave children around the world disappointed?

Available through Big Dog Plays!


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