Historical Plays

Founding Kids! 

  • 17-35 Total; 8 Male, 10 Female, 17 Flexible + possible extras.
  • Running Time: 45-50 Minutes

Finalist, 2018 Aspiring Playwrights Contest, East Valley Children’s Theatre, Mesa, AZ

Semi-finalist, 2018 New Plays for Young Audiences, New York University, NYC, NY

Founding Kids is a colonial comedy retelling the tales of the brainy and brave kids of the American Revolutionary War.  5 students research potential topics for their group research project on the American Revolutionary War. During their research, they encounter the stories of young people living during colonial times such as Sybil Ludington, a 16 year old girl who rode twice the distance of Paul Revere to alert militia forces that the British were attacking or Emily Geiger, a teenage spy for the patriots, who narrowly escaped capture by the British.  There also are tales of the young founding fathers, the origins of the song “Yankee Doodle,” as well as, what life was like for young people living in the United States during colonial times. Founding Kids is a fun way to teach kids American History and celebrate the contributions and remarkable bravery and talents of young people in the creation of The United States of America.

Available with Brooklyn Publishers!

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