10-Minute Plays

Auditions? Anyone?

Running Time: 10 minutes

Cast: 1 either

Auditions anyoneCameron, the dramatic director of the Blue Valley Thespian Club, is intent on making this year’s artistic offering exceptional, endearing, and extraordinary. As the production’s fearless leader, she wants to move the audience to tears, laughter, and hopefully, donations. She has penned a science fiction fairy tale extravaganza entitled “Snow White and the Seven Intergalactic Deathbots”.  At the auditions, Cameron acts out all the roles including the Evil Queen, the Charming Prince, science-whiz Snow White, and a host of android assassins. Cameron casts herself in every role, certain that she is the only performer with the “artistic aptitude” to play each character. Will this limelight hog learn that it takes a team to make a theatre production?

Available through Brooklyn Publishers.

An Atmosphere to Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Convertor

Running Time: 10 minutes
Cast: 2-3 either

14299Geeks Jamie and Dominque are competing to win the school’s science fair. Dominque accuses Jamie of being a creative-less caveman; Jamie accuses Dominque of being a hi-tech heretic. Yet, the dissimilar duo manage to form a friendship and even a potential working relationship when Viola Whittaker wins the science fair with her classic baking soda and vinegar volcano.

Available through Heuer Publishing.

Read a free preview here.

New School! New Sam!

Running Time: 10 minutes
Cast: 1 either


Sam is moving. This means a new city, new friends, and a chance for a new Sam. Should she be a glamorous rock star, a rocket scientist, maybe even royalty at her new school? Or can Sam’s best friend, Madison, convince Sam that she is stupendous just as she is?

Available through Brooklyn Publishers

Read a free preview here.

The Talent Show: A Ten Minute Comedic Monologue

 Running Time: 10 minutes
Cast: 1 either, 1 total cast

Gail Keebler is the newly appointed arts and entertainment reporter for her high school newspaper. An aspiring journalist, she is disgruntled by the everyday 1778and mundane nature of her assignments. She describes and reenacts the contestants of her school’s upcoming talent show. First, there are the math nerds whose talents include converting numbers to scientific notations. Next, there is the cheerleader who created a cheer to the Beatles classic “Let it Be.” Finally, there is the goth queen and the school’s most dramatic thespian reenacting every death scene in Shakespeare. While Gail’s opinion of her classmates’ talents is scathing, she realizes how amazing it is to have such a diverse group of students all pulling together for a single purpose.

Available through Brooklyn Publishers.

Read a free preview here.

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